SERVIS is a Prishtina based multidisciplinary DYI platform exploring underground club sounds and subversive electronics, founded in 2016 by Leo Lumezi and Patrik Ukic. Primarily the club night event series focussing in high-quality electronic music and artist booking but also curating special events. Initiated as a solution to serve, maintain and entertain Tekkcommunity in Pristina, Servis has evolved over five years to become playground for unique creative concepts and collaborative experiments with its crew of DJ’s and designers, providing a platform for projects in the arts, sound, film and fashion. We aim to be an exciting and cutting edge organisation that can help build amazing things and give people special experiences. The Independent Gradual Movement that will impose change through a sound, activism, dance-floor sensation, cultivate non-judgmental and caring environment where self-expression, self-liberation and mutual respect is not only possible but deeply rooted. SERVIS actively work on creating safer spaces at the venues we use. Sexism, racism,homophobia and transphobia are not tolerated. Currently, events happen about once a month at various venues around Pristina, Kosovo. In the quest to entertain ourselves and meet the artists we admire, we've hosted unique guest DJs and live acts over the past years. Most events are built from the ground up, focusing on our local scene and on collaborating with like-minded crews and concepts. Servis is an ongoing night of musical exploration, constantly evolving since it started. “SERVIS NIGHT & INVITES and outdoor yearly gathering RE:FORM” series are parties for music oriented people who want to dance to interesting sounds in a room or around nature full of like—minded individuals, thrown by people who live to do just that, and strive to serve special life trips.
PATRIK UKIC organisation co-founder curator bookings
PANDAUDIO DJ producer curator
LEART RAMA multi-disciplinary artist
TADI multi-disciplinary artist
XAX multi-disciplinary artist
VITA GORANI graphic designer
SIHANA SHALAJ photographer artist hospitality
JON DUJAKA DJ producer
IZET ČUČLJ event manager
LABINOT BAJRAMI board member
DREN MALIQI board member
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